Coach Tara Garrison

is a ketogenic diet specialist, personal trainer, mom of 4, avid weight lifter and
Boston Marathoner.

Tara is a holistic health coach with a biohacking approach. She advocates food quality, high-
quality supplements, hyper recovery modalities, DNA analysis, neurotransmitter-based training,

meditation, breath work, plant medicines, and anything else that leads to the optimized human.
She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International
College of Applied Nutrition and Strength (ICANS), is a Certified Functional Strength Coach
(CFSC), Certified Neurotyping Coach and a Metabolic Analytics practitioner.

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Why Keto?

"If you've never done keto, I 100% think you should do it. Give it 2 months of solid commitment.


1. To teach your body how to easily tap into its own fat stores and USE that fat as fuel (um, yay!).
2. To see what your brain feels like on ketones.
3. To learn just how much anxiety all that sugar is creating.
4. To create a LASTING enhancement of your metabolism, even when you aren't keto anymore.

We are the first generation coming out of a decades-long brainwashed society that believed fat was bad for us. Every single one of us grew up being made to believe "Reduced Fat" or "Fat Free" on a box of cookies meant they were "healthier cookies." Ugh.

Now that we know better (and if you don't know better, read this and this and this), taking our bodies through a ketogenic phase will teach it how to use FAT as its primary fuel source- whether that's dietary fat or your own body fat.

And what happens when you do that? You lose..."   

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You will have weekly online checkins with feedback to monitor progress and keep you accountable.

Each month you will receive a new monthly meal plan and macros. This can be keto, low carb, or other, as recommended by Tara after your initial free consult.

You will receive a custom training plan delivered through an app on your phone with demo videos.


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